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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Proskauer Rose, Conflict of Interest? No Say it Ain't So..

" Malpractice Claim Against Proskauer Rose

LOS ANGELES (CN) - A media executive sued the Proskauer Rose law firm for more than $500,000 in a malpractice complaint. William Frazee claims that as president of Ascent Media Group he relied on Proskauer Rose's advice that there were no conflicts of interest in its representing him and Ascent in a lawsuit and a separate arbitration dispute.

But Ascent filed a claim against Frazee in November, claiming his actions in the two previous cases were outside the scope of his employment, "and that it is entitled to in excess of $500,000 for attorneys' fees, expenses and settlement payments made by Ascent in connection with these matters and other unspecified matters."

In his complaint in Superior Court, Frazee says, "At no time did defendants inform plaintiff that he could be liable for such attorneys' fees, expenses and settlement payments."

Frazee says Ascent hired him as vice president in 1996, "and within six months, was promoted to president."

Ascent employee J. Carrie Zuzenak filed an arbitration claim against Ascent in May 2006, alleging sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, constructive discharge and failure to prevent and correct discrimination. Frazee says he "has denied all wrongdoings as alleged by Zuzenak".

Frazee says that Proskauer Rose sent him a conflict of interest waiver letter in December 2006, asking him to consent to joint representation of him and Ascent in the Zuzenak arbitration at Ascent's expense. He says he agreed and reasonably relied on the assurances in the letter, "that defendants were unaware of any conflict of interests between Ascent and plaintiff, but that if a conflict between Ascent and plaintiff did arise, defendants would cease representing plaintiff and plaintiff would be provided an opportunity to obtain separate representation at his own expense."

That arbitration was settled in 2008.

A similar thing happened after Addie Hall sued Ascent and Frazee in March 2010, Frazee says. He again denied all wrongdoing and again consented to Proskauer Rose's joint representation, and its statements about conflicts of interest.

But on Nov. 8, 2010, Ascent filed a complaint against Frazee in an arbitration that is still pending. "In its petition against plaintiff, Ascent alleges, inter alia, that plaintiff's actions in the Zuzenak arbitration and Hall litigation were outside the scope of his employment and that it is entitled to in excess of $500,000 for attorneys' fees, expenses and settlement payments made by Ascent in connection with these matters and other unspecified matters."

Frazee seeks damages for legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary, from Proskauer Rose and its attorney Anthony Oncidi. He says he has or will incur more than $500,000 in legal fees, costs and settlement payments.

And he says the defendant intended to injure him, with despicable, outrageous, oppressive and malicious conduct, so he should get punitive damages. He is represented by Samuel Smith with SJS Counsel, of Beverly Hills.

Ascent describes itself on its web page as a "fully integrated digital media services provider ... through the stages of creative post production, content management, distribution and, finally, content monetization."

Source of Above Quote

Proskauer Rose Law Firm is Evil, Criminal and NO Longer Above the Law.. no Longer Protected by the Supreme Court with Cover Up Crony .. Good Ol' Gal - Ex Judge Judith Kaye.

Time for Accountability for Proskauer Rose...

Proskauer Rose Stole a 13 Trillion Dollar Patent and Hid the Technology in Patent Pools with MPEG LA via Proskauer Rose Corrupt Patent Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein.

This Technology is Now Used by Time Warner Inc., Clearwire Corporation, Intel Corp. , Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, IBM, and Well anyone who uses Modern High Speed Video Technology.

Once iViewit Technologies issues a Cease and Desist that is Up Held by a Non-Proskauer Rose Controlled Court - Well 95% of all Cable TV, Video on Phones, Internet Video ... Will Come to an Abrupt Halt UNTIL they can Negotiate with iViewit Technologies.

Time Warner Inc. - CEO Jeffrey Bewkes has known for a very long time that Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros., and AOL will face Massive Liabilities over the iViewit Technology they STOLE. Yet Time Warner Inc. - CEO Jeffrey Bewkes Continues to Ignore this Fact and Time Warner Inc. - CEO Jeffrey Bewkes continues to Fail to Disclose to the "Board of Directors".

Intel Corp. Knows Full Well they Screwed over Iviewit Technologies and Intel CEO Paul Otellini, as Well as Ex-Intel General Counsel Bruce Sewell Have Known and NOT Disclosed this Massive Shareholder Fraud.

Even though there is Massive Criminal Complaints Filed, There is over 1200 documents of proof online at Iviewit.TV, there is Criminal Complaints against the New York Attorney General Now Governor Andrew Cuomo over the Stolen Iviewit Technology, there is a Federal RICO Lawsuit, and a VERY Detailed SEC Complaint.

And for Now Intel Corp, Time Warner Inc., Apple, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Clearwire Corp., and More seem to be able to STOP massive action against them in the Iviewit Case. This will NOT continue much longer, their corruption and cover up is OVER. The Truth is Roaring and it is Simply a matter of time.

Resources To Research the Stolen Iviewit Technology in more detail

iViewit SEC Complaint

Intel Corp. CEO

Time Warner Inc. CEO

Corrupt Proskauer Rose Lawyer - MPEG LA

Proskauer Rose WILL Soon Be Held Accountable.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ex-Supreme Court Judge Judith Kaye is Corrupt and Helped Proskauer Rose Committ Patent Theft and Massive Fraud.

"Check out the Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division:

First Department court orders for investigation of the former President of the New York State Bar Association Steven C. Krane by clicking on his picture for the document. This is the price of gluttony and greed and why the almighty one has deemed such a sin.

Steven Krane, Proskauer Ross LLP who is the epitome of ethics has lost his way and acted in conflict of interest and abuse of public office with both the First Department Disciplinary Committee and the New York State Bar Association in representing his partners while maintaining conflicting public office positions in the New York Supreme Courts and NYSBA.

Although his investigation has been temporarily de-railed, it will one day be completed as a formal investigation. Yet, while Krane clerked for Chief Justice of the New York Court of Appeals, Judith Kaye, who by the by, is married to a Proskauer partner, Stephen Kaye, who is one of the accused Proskauer Rose partners in the Intellectual Property Department (formed after learning of the Iviewit inventions), it looks like such forces are blocking the court ordered investigation through yet another series of conflicts and abuses in the investigating department.

Where it appears that Proskauer Rose LLP has positioned deep within the ethics departments and courts to block due process and stave off the inevitable.

Yet, as you read on, even these further desperate attempts to block prosecution have uncovered further conflicts which have only caused more people to become ensnared in the web of crimes and further complaints to be filed.

Where those complaints in some instances have been refused to file and docket by members of the departments acting to block complaints against themselves inapposite of the laws of those states.

Can you imagine, complaints filed against public officers where such officers than deny the complaints with out formal procedure, sounds like the old communist regime where citizens where unable to complain about their elected officials.

It does not sound like the good old USofA where we have a constitutional right to complain against our elected officials when they are found guilty of abuse of public office and as citizens we have an obligation to our country to file such charges. Yet, the onion is peeling and desperate times call for desperate measures. "

Source and Lots More

the Above is about 1/4 the way down....

Posted here by
Crystal L. Cox
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is the Corrupt Ex-Supreme Court Judith Kaye Ready to Come Clean on Covering for Proskauer Rose in the Iviewit Scandal?

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in Pacifica, California is Googling - "Iviewit Inventors" .

So is Judith Kaye Googling "Iviewit Inventors"

This Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom Search was VERY interested in MPEG LA, in Kenneth Rubenstein - hmmmm.. Now we KNOW for FACT that Judith Kaye appointed by Mario Cuomo and lot's of Favors Owed from Andrew Cuomo .. well she Covered Up in the New York Supreme Court for her Husband's Law Firm - the Corrupt Proskauer Rose LLP, as they RUINED the Lives of the "Iviewit Inventors" - So What's Up now.. Say around 11 YEARS Later..??

Corrupt Ex-Supreme Court Judge Judith Kaye Now of  Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom played every card she had to to Cover for Proskauer Rose - for Stephen Kaye .. for Steven Krane .. for MPEG LA and well no doubt in my mind that Judith Kaye and Family made Billions on this Multi-Trillion Dollar Patent Theft over the last Decade, meanwhile the "Iviewit Inventors" - Now Being Googled by "Judith Kaye" of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom - well the lives of the "Iviewit Inventors" - has been HELL to say the Least.. they have Been Subject to Economic Terrorism.. BIGTIME.. Lives Ruined, Cars Bombed, Some Stabbed ... and THOUGH there is over 1200 documents and recordings of PROOF.. well the US Courts at EVERY Level STILL protects Those who Stole the Invention of the "Iviewit Inventors" - So What is "Judith Kaye" of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom up to?  Got a Tip -

Also "Judith Kaye" of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom is interested in Posts on Raymond Joao - Why?

"William Dick was Raymond Joao's replacement" - William Dick and Judith Kaye were both at IBM and their Connection is Seriously in Conflict of Interest.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who Emailed Shearman and Sterling about my writings on Skadden Law Firm where Judith Kaye is ...?

New York, United States
Shearman & Sterling

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interesting Web Stat from June 21st 2010. Catholic Health Care West Searches"Clerks of Justice Judith Kaye"

Catholic Health Care West - Merced - California - Searches Google for
"Clerks of Justice Judith Kaye" - June 21st 2010

I think there will be Much More on this. Stay Tuned..

"Catholic Health Care West" "Steven C. Krane"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom Searches "Proskauer Rose"

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom - Is this Judith Kaye ? or who is searching "Proskauer Rose" from Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom ??

Monday, April 12, 2010

Andrew Cuomo, Eliot Spitzer, Judge Shira Scheindlin, Judith Kaye, NY Senate Judiciary, Proskauer Rose

"Andrew Cuomo Follows In Eliot Spitzer’s Footprints In Pursuit of “The Ring” and Governorship Ignoring The Law And Rules To Amass A 16 Million Dollar Treasury.

Can Andrew Cuomo follow Eliot Spitzer’s example pursuing the Governorship and fund his campaign treasury with payments from opposing attorneys with actions against NY State?.

Terence Finnan reports on his blog , that one can follow Cuomo’s and Spitzer’s Money Trails pursuing for themselves “The Ring,” specifically the Governorship and, ultimately, the Presidency. Mr. Finnan reports of the joy in London over Spitzer’s role in taking money out of the NY Financial Markets, ” History will come to view him (Spitzer) as one of the most damaging figures in the history of the state. It is difficult to imagine that he will, as governor, do anything to counter the damage he has already done to American business, or even that he would wish to do so. ”Mr. Finnan asks, “Is Cuomo like Spitzer, a Gollum, obsessed with the ‘Ring,’ and becoming Governor and our first Italian president?” Mr. Finnan further asks, ” Do the People of NY benefit when Cuomo shakes down lawyers for his campaign treasury, instead of Spitzer shaking down Wall Street? What benefit to the People of NY accrues when Cuomo builds a 16 million dollar campaign fund with payoffs by lawyers with cases against NY State. In the end, weren’t the payoffs made to Cuomo’s treasury only passed on as an expense of the People of NY whose interests were compromised?”Following the advice in Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters,” Mr. Finnan asks whether Andrew Cuomo can serve as the People’s attorney and at the same time collect payments from opposing lawyers?Mr. Finnan quotes the applicable Disciplinary Rule DR 5-101 [1200.20] concerning “Conflicts of Interest” and asks whether Andrew Cuomo obtained permission from the People of NY to take money from opposing attorneys?Finally, Mr. Finnan asks three questions of Andrew Cuomo:1. Did you obtain the consent of the People after full disclosure of the implications before you took the money for your own personal campaign interests?2. A special prosecutor?3. Is your defense, Spitzer did it first?
Earlier posts had asked Andrew Cuomo to support making “Official Misconduct” a felony, instead of a misdemeanor and presented criminal complaints to facilitate Andrew Cuomo to prosecute several State Judges and Senators for criminal conduct..

For more information:Keywords: Andrew Cuomo,Eliot Spitzer,Cuomo Corruption

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ""

Source of Post

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eliot Bernstein of Iviewit Technologies files SEC and FBI Complaint with Mary Schapiro, against Warner Bros., AOL Inc., Time Warner, Intel, SGI, and .

SEC Complaint Filed, is the SEC Listening .. It Does not sound like it. The SEC must be covering up for Favors owed, covering and protecting billionair tech companies and Above the Law Law Firms Like Foley and Lardner and Proskauer Rose.

Eliot Bernstein of Iviewit Technologies files SEC & FBI Complaint with Mary Schapiro & Others against Warner Bros., AOL Inc., Time Warner, Intel, SGI, Lockheed Martin, Proskauer Rose, Foley & Lardner.

"" March 14, 2010 --


Corp Management of Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), Silicon Graphics, Inc. (delisted NYSE: SGI) & successor Silicon Graphics International (NASDAQ: SGI), Sony Corporation (NYSE/ADR: SNE) , Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT), Ernst & Young Global Limited have known about the Trillion Dollar Iviewit Liabilities for years & allegedly have concealed the liabilities from Shareholders & in some instances reorganized to the detriment of Shareholders in alleged fraudulent transactions, which may lead to Shareholder Rescissory Rights & catastrophic damage to the companies as complained of to Fed Officials.FEB 12, 2010 CRIMINAL COMPLAINTThe SEC Complaint filed Feb 12, 2010,

“Iviewit & Eliot I. Bernstein Official Formal Complaint…against Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., AOL Inc. & Time Warner, regarding Trillion Dollar alleged Fraud on Shareholders; FASB No. 5 & other SEC accounting violations & violations of State, Federal & Int’l Laws; Rescissory Rights of Shareholders; Evidence & Important Info for the SEC regarding ongoing SEC Investigations of Bernard L. Madoff, Marc S. Dreier, Sir Robert Allen Stanford, Proskauer Rose, Galleon, Enron Broadband, Enron, Arthur Andersen & more”


SEC COMPLAINT INTEL, LOCKHEED MARTIN & SGIA SEC complaint also was filed by Iviewit against Intel, SGI & Lockheed & similar allegations were levied against these corps for Patent Theft, knowing infringement & Shareholder Fraud.

The March 29th 2009 SEC Complaint to Shapiro titled “Complaint Regarding Intel Corp & Possible Trillion Dollar Fraud on Intel Shareholders & Others”


Liabilities for the complained of companies centers on both knowing technology infringements & liabilities from failure to report the Fed RICO & ANTITRUST filed by Iviewit & now legally marked “RELATED” to the Whistleblower suit of Christine C. Anderson, a former staff attorney for the NY Supreme Court Appellate Division. Anderson gave riveting testimony of systemic corruption to the NY State Senate Judiciary & in sworn testimony in before Judge Shira Scheindlin of Whitewashing & Criminal Obstruction by Court Officials for “Favored Lawyers & Law Firms, the US Attorney in New York, the DA and Asst DA” or words to that effect. Anderson further fingered one of the “CLEANERS” of ATTORNEY MISCONDUCT COMPLAINTS at the NY Supreme Court as Naomi Goldstein.A “CLEANER” at the ETHICS department of NY responsible for attorney regulation in Manhattan & the WallStreet financial district, perhaps the reason the country is suffering from a lack of attorney regulation in the heart of the financial district that has led to lax or complicit regulators and prosecutors and a worldwide economic meltdown.

Anderson’s testimony

Bernstein testimony before the NY Senate Judiciary of systemic corruption that has blocked due process & procedure via corrupt infiltration of the NY Courts @

HOUSE OF CARD COLLAPSING ON NY CRIME SYNDICATE INSIDE NY COURTS, ETHICS DEPARTMENTS, PUBLIC OFFICES & REGULATORY AGENCIES BY CRIMINAL LAW FIRMS & LAWYERSThe House of Cards is Crumbling on Key Players in the Iviewit Scandal as the NY Corruption Scandal Elevates to Senior NY Political Figures including Cuomo & members of the NY Supreme Court & US Fed Courts in NY. Proskauer Rose.

Proskauer, mastermind of the bungled attempt to steal the Iviewit patents through Fraud on the US Patent Office & further bungled attempts to cover up the crimes in the NY Courts is under further scrutiny with Proskauer’s direct involvement in the Stanford Financial Ponzi & subsequent resignation of partner Thomas Sjoblom, a former SEC enforcement officer, allegedly found coaching Stanford employees on how to lie to SEC & FBI investigators at a Miami Airport Hanger preceding the arrest of Stanford & his employees.

Proskauer also sued in a Class Action suit for the entire 7 billion dollar Stanford losses & sued by an arrested Stanford employee. Proskauer has further direct ties to both the Madoff & Dreier Ponzis.NY Attorney General CuomoFollowing the illegal representation by the NY AG in the Iviewit RICO & ANTITRUST suit & Anderson’s Whistleblower suit under Spitzer as NY AG, the Cuomo Admin continues to represent illegally State Defendants in both cases left over by Spitzer (a named Defendant in the RICO and Antitrust).

As the Iviewit & Anderson claims are further investigated & litigated these present the largest liability to Cuomo’s run for any office as the largest scandal brewing in NY begins to unravel with his offices dead center.

Anderson’s filing

Iviewit filings of Illegal rep by Cuomo @

The US District CourtWith Anderson’s revelations in the US District Court & the Jury finding that her 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech regarding Whistleblower Allegations had been violated, the whole case has been called into question & further questioned due to the ILLEGAL REPRESENTATION of the NY AG Cuomo’s office. Based on Cuomo’s illegal representation of State Officials, Anderson filed for an entirely new hearing based on the Cuomo’s mass conflicts. Iviewit alleges that NY AG Cuomo’s illegal representation of State Defendants, Officially & Personally, violates his office duties & obligations of honest services to NY, public office rules and violates state & federal laws, whereby the Conflicts of Interest act to block investigation of the State Defendants fingered by Whistleblower Anderson & in Iviewit’s suit, causing Obstruction of Justice through Fraud on the Court. Serious allegations for Cuomo who continues to illegally represent State Officials on public funds, while failing to investigate those same public officials, including former NY Chief Judge Judith Kaye.

Also of concern is if these massive liabilities have been reported to State Auditors by Cuomo?The US 2nd CircuitIn the US Second Circuit, Iviewit filed a “Motion to Compel” compelling that court to follow law, as with Anderson’s revelations exposing court members, that court has tried to ILLEGALLY Dismiss all the legally “related” cases to Anderson in attempts to bury them & keep the lids on the scandal that may lead them to exchange their legal robes for prison garb. Motion to Compel ""

"Addressed to:
SEC Chair Mary Shapiro
SEC IG, H. David Kotz
IG OF THE US DOJ, Glenn Fine
US AG, Eric Holder

Treasury IG, David Gouvaia
SBA IG, Peggy Gustafson & Daniel O’Rourke

Under Sec of Commerce for Intellectual Property & Dir of the USPTO, David Kappos
Deputy Under Sec of Commerce for Intellectual Property & Deputy Dir of the USPTO, Sharon Barner

US PRESIDENT, Hon President of the US, Barack H. Obama II
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Chair & CEO: Barry Meyer

Pres & COO: Alan Horn
EVP & CFO: Edward Romano
VP & Chief Patent Counsel: Wayne Smith
AOL, Inc.
Chair & CEO: Tim Armstrong
GC & EVP: Ira Parker
Counsel - Patent Lit, Prosecution & Licensing: Christopher Day
Exec Escalation Team: Jerry McKinley

Time Warner, Inc.
Chair & CEO: Jeffrey Bewkes
EVP & GC: Paul Cappuccio

Press Release for Immediate Release

Jonathan Lippman - Chief Judge Judith Kaye, March 7th 2007 - Appellate Division


"" Dear Public Officials:

THIS Criminal Complaint Truth Affidavit is written pursuant to Almighty God the Creator God given rights so all people can live free from public record documented Jonathan Lippman, NYS Chief Administrative Judicial Trespasser criminal, seditious, odious scourge, usurpations MANDATING, REQUIRING, AUTHORIZING, his arrest, removal, and impeachment, accordingly.

Jonathan Lippman’s heinous crimes, criminal usurpations, legal fiction administration, persistent and willful insurrection and rebellion against the New York and the United States of America Constitutions effectuated a deadly Public Defraud requiring his arrest as his actions and the attachments attached hereto epitomize his high misdemeanors, felonies, malfeasance in office and are documented public atrocities with genocidal and deadly power and control

Above all, I am filing this Criminal Complaint Truth Affidavit against Jonathan Lippman with particularity to the fact that all persons are born equally free, and have certain natural, inherent and inalienable rights, among which are the rights of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and of seeking and obtaining safety and happiness.

These God given rights have been LAWLESSLY obstructed via lawless disregarded life
threatening usurpations inflicted on humankind near and far. These crimes are
documented in the above and below offices and documented in the public record
of the below mentioned law suit.

This Criminal Complaint Truth Affidavit is written with emphasis on TRUTHFUL DOCUMENTATION OF JONATHAN LIPPMAN’S verifiable crimes that defrauded and OVER THREW the United States system of government, for his power craze personal gain while trespassing as a judge in the law suit against him titled 1 NO. 1: LEONARD J. LEVENSON, ET AL. V. JONATHAN LIPPMAN,&C., ET AL.

This criminal complaint is written on behalf of the people of New York State, Africa, and the sacredness of the protections guaranteed by God, to live free from lawless Jonathan Lippman usurpations and public disturbances, that obstruct justice, terrorize countries and people, as well as kill under varied disguises cited in the multiple documentaries I have written that are filed in the NYC FBI office, Chief Justice Judith Kaye’s office, and The Department of Investigations under NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s office via Rose Hearn, Commissioner.

Additionally, I have attached evidence verifying the above Jonathan Lippman
criminal activities, premised off of lawless disregarded public disturbance
usurpations and his unregulated 2 billion dollar budget that facilitates such.

I have been terrorized, denied all aspects of equal protection of the law, targeted
for a disguised killing/wiped off this earth via lawless Jonathan Lippman
documented patterned and practiced criminal usurpations, consistent with his
patterns of lawless court administration, union interference, public education
usurpations. Usurpations that have wiped out over 13 million people are listed
under his name.

His lawless usurpations including his public record Appellate Division
documented lawless usurpation require arrest and additional charges for the
disregard and seditious/defraud appeal. ""

Full 162 page Document Click Here

Monday, March 15, 2010

Is Judith Kaye Independent or being used by Cuomo to hide Cuomo family secrets? Gov.David Paterson Probe - Judith Kay .. NO Way Independent.

""what Judith Kaye needs to hide and whom she needs to protect.

Andrew Cuomo's selection of Judith Kaye has been widely praised due to Ms. Kaye's alleged independence and integrity. In fact, Cuomo's selection of Kaye could possibly raise later ethical questions for Cuomo.

I, too, would appoint someone as an independent counsel who has an obvious and understandable indebtedness to Mario Cuomo for her own professional/judicial standing and social status if I needed to keep the Cuomos' long held knowledge of corruption in the OAG and Mario Cuomo's own protection of that corruption secret

One has to wonder if there could ever be any convictions in the Paterson matter when all any defense attorney would have to do is call either Mario or Andrew Cuomo as a witness and then easily destroy Mario and/or Andrew's own credibility? Is the OAG alleged investigation really being done in good faith?.

.... emails sent Ms. Kaye. As you read this first one, keep in mind recent polls showing Cuomo's own drop of 22% in favorability among blacks due to his involvement in the Paterson matter and then ponder what that drop would have been had Paterson remained a candidate for Governor and had the independence necessary to expose the scandals described below.""

Sent: Fri, March 12, 2010 2:07:37 AM
Subject: Cuomo's own secrets--Corruption in the OAG involving the NYSP

Ms. Kaye,

Andrew Cuomo's appointment of you as independent counsel to the OAG in the probe of David Paterson, the NYSP, and others does not entirely eliminate any conflict of interest/ appearance of impropriety on the part of Andrew Cuomo and the OAG. In fact, legitimate questions remain whether anyone connected with the OAG should even participate in your own alleged "independent" investigation.

Additionally, your own close relationship with the Cuomo family could give rise to appearances of impropriety on your part. The indebtedness you owe Mario Cuomo for your current professional standing/social status is both considerable and understandable.

Certainly, Andrew Cuomo had every reason to believe that I would contact you about NY's hidden political scandals once I learned about your appointment as independent counsel. These scandals involve the NYSP, corruption in the OAG under Robert Abrams, Mario Cuomo's protection of that corruption while Governor, and Andrew Cuomo's own refusal to follow the mandates of his current office. Other than Andrew Cuomo's appointment of Robert Abrams as special prosecutor, I doubt that he could have appointed anyone who could be perceived as more indebted to the Cuomo family than you. Perhaps that's why he chose you.

Enclosed in this email is the first of three emails I am sending you. This email and the two
emails that follow are lengthy so you may wish to print them out first. They were being circulated among select NY State Democrat Party officials and political operatives prior to Governor Paterson's recent decision not to seek a four-year term for governor. This circulation was designed to prevent Andrew Cuomo from entering the gubernatorial primary. Andrew Cuomo and his top deputies have already been sent the emails.

The three emails basically cover three separate areas --(1) NY's secret political scandals arising from the corruption in the OAG, (2) how the political arena was used to expose corruption in the OAG, and (3) how Andrew Cuomo's entry into the 2010 gubernatorial Democratic primary could have reopened old racial wounds because of his father's protection of former NYAG Robert Abrams during the Tawana Brawley matter. This third area/email also summarizes Andrew Cuomo's self-inflicted liabilities as a candidate for Governor and also quotes portions of certain relevant letters.

Since this third area/email was the most currently politically relevant, I am including it with this email. However, you may find the first email re: NY's hidden political scandals much more interesting since it details the political circumstances occurring at the the time Angel Diaz was found hanging in his jail cell and afterward. You, yourself, wrote the majority opinion affirming the right of a governor to supersede a district attorney in order to seek the death penalty. Perhaps you would have ruled differently if you had known of the enclosed.

Re: Andrew Cuomo:

Any attorney general in any state can hold his finger to the wind and determine what issues are important to voters and what issues will get him positive press coverage and high approval ratings. It would be hard to name one politically ambitious state attorney general who wouldn't go after child predators on the Internet, excessive bonuses paid to executives of bailed-out companies, and that old and dependable standby, Medicaid fraud.

An attorney general may even make a reputation as a reformer by prosecuting public corruption, concentrating efforts on abuses of pension funds while ignoring abuses of tort funds and operational funds.

Attorney generals also defend state employees and agencies when they are sued. It was the abuse of this constitutionally-mandated responsibility that first gave rise to NY's secret political scandals. Andrew Cuomo should not have spent a minute's time contemplating whether or not to recuse himself from investigating Governor Paterson and the NYSP. His recusal should have been immediate given his reasonable expectation that Paterson already knew about NY's hidden political scandals. Andrew Cuomo's defense that Paterson asked for the investigation is no legitimate excuse for going ahead with an investigation rife with all kinds of conflicts of interest on his part.

PS: As you read the enclosed, please keep in mind that the trial that exposed the corruption in the OAG involved an out-of-jurisdiction arrest by the NYSP who came to a private residence in the Town of Hamburg, NY to effect an illegal arrest meant for the personal benefit of the father of a NYSP trooper.

The Town of Hamburg police (who had jurisdiction) were never involved in the arrest and the NYSP never sought/received permission from the Hamburg Town Police to be involved. After being arrested in Hamburg by a NYSP trooper who was assigned to the Clarence NYSP barracks and who came from Clarence, NY to Hamburg at the behest of his father, the defendant was taken out of district to the NYSP barracks in Orchard Park, NY and was also arraigned out of district in Orchard Park.

The alleged arraignment took place in the back room of an Orchard Park magistrate with only the magistrate and a NYSP investigator present. The magistrate, knowing how much money the defendant had on her, set bail high enough so it couldn't be reached and signed commitment papers in that backroom before the defendant, having been denied a lawyer, appeared before him.

The defendant's first lawful arraignment was held in Hamburg, NY after being incarcerated at the Erie County Holding Center for two days. All criminal charges were later dismissed with a judicial apology from the Hamburg Court magistate.

The OAG had no qualms about defending the NYSP members, even committing felonies in its defense and the NYSP have a history of ignoring jurisdictional boundaries and doing favors for others--all with the blessing of Andrew Cuomo and his predecessors in the OAG..

Below is the email re: Andrew Cuomo's entry into the 2010 gubernatorial Democratic primary:.
One line in the Spin v Truth --Andrew Cuomo and the Myth of a Cuomo Dynasty section, page 5 of the 2nd email, requires further explanation:
"At the time of the (1992) Illinois primary, I had written to your father only once".

That one time couldn't be worse for establishing any future Cuomo Dynasty since this initial contact was during the racially charged and divisive Tawana Brawley matter.

Andrew Cuomo's entry into the primary for Governor could reopen old racial wounds and provide further racial polarization. Andrew Cuomo already has residual problems with some black voters due to his challenging Carl McCall in the 2002 NY State Democratic primary for governor. Now it's rumored he wants to challenge another prominent black for governor in the 2010 primary.

His racially insensitive and unapologetic "shuck and jive" comment during the last presidential primary campaign doesn't help either. His attempts to explain away his usage of this term was just more "jive talking" on his part.

What could prove to be especially damaging or even fatal to Andrew Cuomo's political ambitions is his father's own conduct during the Tawana Brawley matter since Governor Cuomo's conduct raises questions as to how far the apple falls from the tree--a legitimate concern for both black and white voters.

My first communication with Andrew's father occurred in late August 1988. At that time, Mario Cuomo received an extensive mailing sent certified mail from me criticizing his appointment of NYAG Robert Abrams as special prosecutor in the Tawana Brawley matter and the problems he faced with that appointment (due to what occurred during Rojicek v Cooley, Bell, and Buczkowski). At the time of Cuomo's receipt of the information, Brawley's black attorneys (Alton Maddox and C. Vernon Mason) were refusing to cooperate with Abrams and his Grand Jury and would not allow Tawana Brawley or her mother to testify before it. Among the myriad charges hurled at Abrams by Al Sharpton and the Brawley attorneys was the charge that white officials like Abrams automatically covered up crimes of white officials. They were demanding that Cuomo replace Abrams and appoint another special prosecutor instead.

What Mario Cuomo did not expect or need during the Tawana Brawley matter was to be informed of a federal civil rights trial involving truthful charges of sexual assault by a white NY State Police investigator. The trial of Rojicek V Cooley et. al., proved unequivocally that Abrams and his office not only covered up crimes by white officials but also committed crimes (felonies) in order to cover up.

In my August 27, 1988 letter to Mario Cuomo, I warned him "not to be lulled into a false sense of security by Abrams' disclaimer . . . that my case was not the only case lurching luridly in Abrams' background . . . and that he had a potential scandal in Abrams' administration".

On September 8, 1988 Cuomo's Director of Criminal Justice, John Poklemba would respond via letter to me:

"Governor Cuomo has asked that I acknowledge receipt of your letter of August 27, 1988, regarding your case. As you correctly noted in your letter, the Attorney General is a constitutionally elected officer and not subject to the direct control or supervision of the Governor. . . .Thank you for writing the Governor and sharing this matter with us."

John Poklemba was handling the Tawana Brawley matter for Governor Cuomo and had previously met with the Brawley forces who were demanding the removal of Abrams.

Mario Cuomo had a decision to make at that time--whether to act as a Governor or act as a politician. Instead of protecting his constituency of white, black and other racial origins, Cuomo protected his white Attorney General and the white lawyers involved in my trial.

He could have used Rojicek v Cooley, et al. to heal the racial divisions caused by the Brawley matter since my case came to his attention before the Brawley grand jury was disbanded (one month later) but he chose not to do so. He could have granted the Brawley request for another special prosecutor but he chose not to do so.

He could have gone public with Rojicek v Cooley, et al to reassure his constituents that he would not tolerate obstruction of justice by any attorney, black or white, but he chose not to do so. He could have appointed a special prosecutor to investigate corruption in Robert Abrams' office but he chose not to do so.

Instead, Governor Cuomo, too "tawana'd out" by the Brawley matter, entered into a conspiracy of silence with his white Attorney General not caring whether his constituents and others who use the courts in NY had fair trials when they were adversaries of Robert Abrams and his office. Both Cuomo and Abrams turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to already proved accusations against white attorneys.

Abrams, with Cuomo's apparent blessing, then proceeded to go after Brawley's black attorneys with a vengeance for violations of the professional conduct code for lawyers--violations that were far less egregious than the violations (both civil rights violations and violations of criminal statutes) committed by the white attorneys involved in Rojicek v Cooley, et al. Alton Maddox has had his law license suspended for over twenty years (a record) for refusing to appear before the Grievance Committee to answer questions related to his representation of Tawana Brawley. Mason was disbarred for refusing to answer questions regarding the Brawley matter and other alleged unrelated acts of professional misconduct.

Because of the disparate treatment given black and white attorneys by Cuomo and Abrams, voters can reasonably view both Cuomo and Abrams as racists. The ability to paint Cuomo and Abrams as racists is not only possible but even justified given today's racially sensitive political environment when even words such as "Negro dialect" leads to charges of racism when used innocently by an older white politician who grew up in an era where the word Negro was acceptable (and still is).

NY voters, whether logical or not, could legitimately view Andrew Cuomo's desire to defeat prominent black candidates and his prior usage of a racially insensitive term as proof of racial animus learned from his father, answering for themselves just how far the apple falls from the tree.

Parenthetically, NY voters could simply vote Andrew Cuomo out of any office if they learn what hypocrites and frauds the two Cuomos really are.

Relative to Paterson v Cuomo, it remains to be seen whether or not a black man, in a reversal of history, finally keeps a white boy in his place.

While I would love to see such a public reversal of history, I doubt Paterson will risk political suicide by going public re: Andrew Cuomo and the Cuomo legacy--not when he or his operatives can work quietly behind the scenes to keep Cuomo out. A quid pro quo arrangement such as a later lucrative appointment by a then Governor Andrew Cuomo could also be promised to both entice Paterson to drop out of the primary or as a reward for remaining silent about NY's hidden political scandals.

Paterson, as do others, also has the option of using black activists or others to destroy any Cuomo dynasty.

In the event Andrew Cuomo doesn't enter the primary, I would expect a statement from him similar to the one given by his father when he was forced to remove his name from consideration as a US Supreme Court Justice nominee, i.e. he loves being the peoples' lawyer, he's not finished with important NYAG business, ad nauseum.

Reporters attending any press conference where Cuomo announces his decision not to enter the primary race for governor could then take out their pens and stenographer pads and record Andrew Cuomo's spin for not entering the primary as fact. A few polite, perfunctory, and irrelevant questions may even be asked.

The only question reporters should ask is "Is there anything in your background or father's background that prevents you from entering a gubernatorial primary when a majority of state and national Democrats want you and polling numbers show you easily beating both Paterson and Lazio?"

With that question, reporters would actually witness a white boy "shucking and jiving" his way through a press conference--even if that press conference were being held in an Iowa or New Hampshire living room.

Cuomo's not entering or dropping out of the gubernatorial primary does present a problem for him with the state and national Democrat Party and President Obama since he, rather than Paterson, is viewed as the party's savior and not the liability he really is.

Politician and savior are incongruent occupations.

According to a newspaper article, Tawawa Brawley's mother and stepfather allegedly wrote letters to then Governor Spitzer and NYAG Andrew Cuomo asking that the Brawley matter be reopened. Irrespective of whether the Brawley matter was a hoax or not, Andrew Cuomo will never reopen up the matter since doing so could possibly result in damage to both his political career/ambitions as well as damage to his father's reputation/legacy.

Personally, I think Andrew Cuomo should view me as more of a threat than anyone connected to the Brawley matter. In a letter dated August 26, 1988 sent certified mail to Abrams (included in Cuomo's mailing), I wrote: "You may or may not be successful in denying me my lawful right to justice by riding on the coattails of the Brawley case. We both know, however, there will be other coattails to ride".

Never did I expect that same coattail would be available to ride years and years later.

Andrew Cuomo's rumored entry into the gubernatorial primary is one more coattail to ride.

I have no dog in the Democratic primary fight for governor unless Andrew Cuomo enters the ring. My dog remains in the NY Attorney General's office and is only let out on occasion to ride on coattails.

If I had been able to find one NYAG among the last five (Abrams, Koppel, Vacco, Spitzer, and Cuomo) who believes that fair courtroom trials are the cornerstone of a democracy, my dog could be laying contentedly in Illinois at my feet while my sister and I leisurely search the Internet for names of the last five Illinois Attorneys General. We can only recall the names of the last two.

Andrew Cuomo, despite numerous opportunities, has refused to send my dog home and I miss her.

Hopefully, NY voters won't miss the the character flaws (in addition to racial animus) demonstrated by Andrew Cuomo that prove that Andrew Cuomo is not fit to be NYAG let alone Governor of New York. To wit:

When Mario Cuomo delivered his 1984 keynote address at the National Democratic Convention, he spoke eloquently of a nation divided into two cities, one for the rich, powerful, and politically protected and one for the poor, powerless, and politically unprotected. When it came to a true test of his rhetoric, though, Governor Cuomo chose to live in the city of the rich, powerful, and politically protected.and left a powerless. but more principled victim who occupies the other city, to fight alone.

Andrew Cuomo has always resided in the same city as his father. Despite his rhetoric and public relations makeover, he is still the same Andrew Cuomo. Like his father, he also left a powerless, but more principled victim who occupies the other city, to fight alone.

While I don't know either Cuomo personally, both have been described by others who know them as petty, vindictive, mean-spirited, egotistical individuals who never let go of grudges. Such negative personality traits, combined with arrogance, leads to bad executive decisions, including ignoring the number one rule of politics: When a problem first comes to your attention, deal with it.

Andrew Cuomo received the same two lengthy emails you have received certified mail. Additionally, similar emails have been emailed to his executive secretary (Holly Levy) numerous times as well as to Mario Cuomo and Robert Abrams at their respective private law firms and top deputies of Andrew Cuomo in the OAG.

I have never been able to determine Andrew Cuomo's own OAG email address. According to Holly, Andrew Cuomo can't figure out how to print emails so all emails have to go to her for printing and delivery (although Cuomo brags about his hobby of tinkering with and fixing engines of classic automobiles).

Andrew Cuomo's liabilities are self-inflicted.

As NYAG, he allowed his arrogance to interfere with whatever intellect he has. As NYAG, Andrew Cuomo has refused to follow the law and the mandates of his office. As a government attorney paid with tax dollars, his first duty is to seek and insure justice regardless of whether an injustice occurred in either a civil case or criminal case and regardless of when that injustice occurred. This heightened obligation is due to the recognition that government can and often does abuse its power.

A victim who for years has stood on principle and who has refused to be the first one to motion a Court for redress does not negate any NYAG's responsibilities.

Evidently, game playing is another hobby of Andrew Cuomo's. He's not paid by taxpayers to play a waiting game. Any motion by Cuomo would have only required a simple, short statement requesting the District Court in Buffalo to set aside the judgment in Rojicek v Cooley, et al due to Fraud Upon the Court and in the interest of justice--a motion that would have automatically been granted. Rather than admitting to fraud and criminal acts that included bribery, he could have taken an even more ambiguous route, simply claiming that lawyer over-zealousness has resulted in an unreliable judgment.

I am persona non grata in Buffalo where federal magistrates laugh with lawyers over kitchen sinks and US attorneys slander and maliciously prosecute US citizens engaged in lawful protest--protest designed to protect the public, to expose corruption in the District Court and the NY Attorney General's Office, and to send a message to other victims that going to the US Attorney's office is a complete waste of time.

Furthermore, as Andrew Cuomo is well aware, I have been adamant about the OAG motioning for a new trial and not me and I have no intention of ever changing my position about this since it was the OAG that colluded with my attorney, committed the criminal acts, and paid the bribes. How much more clear could I be?

Both Mario Cuomo and I knew that in public corruption cases one always follows the money. Following the money in NY would lead to the comptroller's office--a fact acknowledged by Andrew Cuomo, himself, when he obtained a guilty plea from Ray Harding, former head of the NY Liberal Party, in October 2009.

Furthermore, Andrew Cuomo has not demonstrated loyalty to the NYS Democrat Party and his lack of loyalty should not be rewarded by the party. The true story of NY State's secret political scandals would have disappeared with settlement that included the mandatory disclaimer of any wrong doing and the obligatory agreement of confidentiality.

The NYS Democrat Party can thank Andrew Cuomo for keeping the story of NY's secret political scandals alive and in the political arena.

Politicians must laugh at the white NY establishment press. New York's version of Watergate was written by two sisters from Illinois, neither of whom have press credentials. We are capable of writing additional chapters with or without the help of NY's black press.

Perhaps Andrew Cuomo should consider breaking the sad news to his paramour, Sandra Lee, that she won't be bringing any of her great garnishes to the Governor's Mansion next year and for the three years following (unless,of course, she's visiting Governor Paterson).

On a more somber note, it should be noted that one of Mario Cuomo's daughters (Andrew Cuomo's sister) was allegedly sexually assaulted by a rapist who has never been caught. Both have dishonored her and other victims of sexual assault by their willingness to add years and years of continued victimization directed towards another sexual assault victim.

How proud she must be of her father and her brother. ""

Sent in by Reader..

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Don't Forget that Proskauer Rose Law Firm is VERY Connected to Ex-Judge Judith Kaye.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Appoints Retired Court of Appeals Chief Justice Judith Kaye to run the Gov. Paterson Probes.

WoW, this should be Impartial, Fair, Just... Come on talk about the Queen of the Attorney Fraternity in New York State that Reaches Everywhere Proskauer Rose Law Firm Is..

Judith L. Kaye would definitely qualify in my book as IN NO way a good pick for this "probe" .. oh unless you want to cover up Zillions in Alleged Crimes - Fraud - or Really Anything.. as with Proskauer Rose connections, Favors Owed, Steven Krane and all the Favors and Influence that Brings ... there seems to be No One that Can Hold Criminals Accountable for Crimes on their Watch...

Here is the Article..

"" ALBANY - Attorney General Andrew Cuomo handed off the politically red-hot probes of Gov. Paterson on Thursday - clearly hoping not to get burned any more.

Just days after a Marist College poll revealed a sizable drop in his approval ratings, particularly among blacks, Cuomo "removed" himself from the potentially explosive inquests.

He appointed retired Court of Appeals Chief Justice Judith Kaye to run the probes.

"This is a legal determination as to what is the best way to conduct an investigation," said Cuomo, who is all but certain to run for governor.

Cuomo said he made the decision to appoint Kaye out of "an abundance of caution" to avoid any possible conflicts, though he acknowledged the political prism through which the case is likely to be viewed.

"I understand the ferocity of politics of New York and I understand that it is incredibly important to all of us that the public have a 100% confidence that this investigation is being handled properly," Cuomo said.

Cuomo's office is investigating whether Paterson and the state police interfered in a domestic violence complaint mom of two Sherr-una Booker brought against top Paterson aide David Johnson.

His office has also launched a probe into whether the governor got free World Series tickets from the Yankees - and then lied about it to the state's Public Integrity Commission.

Tuesday's Marist poll found the public was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Cuomo's role in the investigation. His once sky-high approval rating had dropped 13 points in just a week, including a 22-point drop among nonwhite voters, to 45%, the Marist poll showed.

"Politicians are supposed to follow public opinion, he did and the result was a wise decision," said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf."

Kaye's appointment means the case is likely to drag on for several more weeks - and hang over Paterson as he tries to negotiate a budget with lawmakers.

Kaye will oversee Cuomo's staff of lawyers and investigators, who've interviewed dozens of witnesses and pored over pages of documents in both cases.

Nearly all of the crucial witnesses have been deposed in the probe of whether Paterson, his aides or the state police broke any laws by intervening in the domestic abuse case.

The Daily News reported yesterday that Cuomo's investigators have found little evidence to support a witness tampering case against Paterson.

Cuomo did not deny the story, but said: "Discussing any outcome would be premature."
This week, a handful of witnesses are being called back for a second interview. Johnson, another top Paterson aide, Clemmie Harris, and the governor are to be interviewed as soon as next week.

Kaye will essentially play the role Cuomo would have played, overseeing any presentation to a grand jury, signing off on subpoenas and, in the end, making the call as to whether to prosecute.
Cuomo will be barred from participating in any of these matters.

Kaye, who has no experience as a prosecutor, vowed the "public will have a full, fair and independent accounting of the facts."

Paterson's lawyer Theodore Wells Jr. promised to cooperate with Kaye.""

Source of Post...
So Cuomo wants to Be Gov. - Cuomo's Dad Appointed Kaye to her Judge Job... and now Judith Kaye is Investigating the Current NY Governor.. Hmmm.. nobody sees this as a Conflict.. and Andrew Cuomo has the nerve to say.. "Cuomo said he made the decision to appoint Kaye out of "an abundance of caution" to avoid any possible conflicts, though he acknowledged the political prism through which the case is likely to be viewed." What is Going on in New York?

Who is Theodore Wells Jr. - what Connections does he have to Proskauer, or History with any of the Attorney Fraternity we talk about on this site... ???

More on Proskauer Rose Affiliations, Conflicts of Interest and Alleged Crimes..
and How Proskauer Rose is Involved in a Trillion Dollar Patent Theft that now has plenty to do with the Corruption in the New York Court System and the Cover Up Power of Judith S. Kaye.. - - www.Iviewit.TV

Got a Inside Tip on any of this.. Email Me At
Crystal L. Cox
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Top Judge Sets Liberal Course for New York - Jonathan Lippman - Judith Kaye - Proskauer Rose LLP - Iviewit Technologies - Connections and Affiliations

"" Gov. David A. Paterson nominated Jonathan Lippman to head the New York Court of Appeals in January 2009, making him the chief judge of the state.

The choice was a gamble: The judge, a longtime court administrator, did not have a long history of deciding cases, and there was almost no record of his political views.

Judge Jonathan Lippman has helped turn the Court of Appeals into a scrappier, more divided and more liberal panel, its rulings and court statistics show.

Now, a year in, the parameters of the Lippman court are coming into focus. He has helped turn the Court of Appeals into a scrappier, more divided and more liberal panel, its rulings and court statistics show.

To get the rulings he wants, the decisions show, the new chief judge has built alliances case by case with each of the four judges who were nominated by the last Republican governor, George E. Pataki, cracking the conservative majority.

The changes to the culture of the court, New York’s highest — which has sometimes been one of the most influential state courts in the country — are especially striking when Chief Judge Lippman’s approach is compared with the judicial style of his predecessor, Judith S. Kaye. She had prized unanimity.

In the past year, the court has issued a series of sharply divided decisions that have been surprising from a judicial body with a clear 4-to-3 conservative majority. They have included decisions favoring criminal defendants and injured workers, expanding environmental challenges and extolling individual rights against the police.

“The message he is sending is he doesn’t mind fighting for a much more progressive direction at the court,” Vincent M. Bonventre, a professor at Albany Law School who studies the court, said of Judge Lippman.

Though fiscal and political problems have plagued Mr. Paterson, a Democrat, Judge Lippman’s nomination may be one of his most enduring accomplishments in shaping policy. Judge Lippman, 64, does not reach mandatory retirement age until 2015.

Noting that the Supreme Court had yet to rule on questions presented by Global Positioning Systems, for example, the Court of Appeals ruled 4 to 3 that the State Constitution barred the police from placing GPS tracking devices on cars without a warrant.

A different Republican judge joined the three Democratic appointees in another divided ruling, this one striking down a youth curfew in Rochester as unconstitutional, though other courts around the country have approved such laws.

The Lippman court has also shifted ground on worker injury suits, saying that in the past the court too rigidly limited some of them. It has also signaled a new interest in arguments from criminal defendants, sharply increasing, at Judge Lippman’s urging, the number of appeals it is considering.
In an interview, Judge Lippman acknowledged that he had a different approach from that of Judge Kaye, a longtime collaborator in running the courts.

She was also nominated by a Democrat, former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo, but during her nearly 16 years as chief judge, she often worked for unified rulings.

“I am a result-oriented person,” Judge Lippman said, “and the result I am looking for is not necessarily unanimity.”

According to the court, unanimous rulings declined from about 82 percent during 2008, Judge Kaye’s final year, to 69 percent in Judge Lippman’s first year.

During Judge Kaye’s tenure, the court became more conservative partly because of the arrival of the four Pataki judges. Professor Bonventre, the Albany Law School expert, said that divided decisions became more common in Judge Kaye’s final years but that dissents increased further after Judge Lippman arrived.

The rulings indicate that on occasion, Judge Lippman has tailored his arguments to attract one of the four Pataki judges.

In a decision he wrote in September, the court waded into politics by overruling two lower courts that had said Mr. Paterson’s appointment of Richard Ravitch as lieutenant governor was unlawful.

That view, Judge Lippman wrote, would “frustrate the work of the executive branch.”
It was an argument that seemed crafted to appeal to Judge Susan P. Read, a staunch conservative but a former top legal adviser to Governor Pataki, who was not shy about exerting executive authority. It was a party-line vote, except that Judge Read broke with the other Pataki appointees.

In the environmental case, Judge Lippman and the other two Democratic appointees aligned with two of the Republican-appointed judges, Victoria A. Graffeo, a onetime Republican legislative lawyer, and Robert S. Smith, who had sometimes expressed libertarian views.
The decision, written by Judge Smith, appeared to involve tradeoffs.

It tartly noted that the suit sought to kill a proposed hotel to protect obscure species, the Eastern spadefoot toad and the worm snake.

The hotel got a green light. But in the process, the case gave environmentalists one of their most important court victories in New York in nearly 20 years. The majority said a 1991 ruling of the court had been too narrowly applied to limit those who could bring such suits to immediate neighbors.

Stephen F. Downs, the lawyer for Save the Pine Bush, the Albany group that brought the suit, said someone on the bench seemed to be paying for an environmental victory with a defeat for the spadefoot toad. “My impression,” Mr. Downs said, “was there was a certain amount of horse trading that went on.”

That would be vintage Lippman, people who know him say. He was a get-things-done administrator, said a retired judge, Betty Weinberg Ellerin, who has known him throughout his 38-year legal career. ""

Source of Post

New York Court Corruption, Affiliations and Conflicts of Interest. Time for Accountability in the New York Courts. Time Whistleblowers were heard and time Proskauer Rose to be accountable for their actions. The Iviewit Stolen Patent Case has many players, however Proskauer Rose is the Patent Attorney that STOLE the Trillion Dollar Patent and Judge Judith Kaye and Her Connections to Proskauer Rose through her Husband.. Stephen Kaye made a Trillion Dollar Patent Theft such as the Eliot Bernstein and Iviewit Technologies Stolen Patent, seem like a Simple "Standard of Practice"...

Pay Attention Folks as more Unfolds on the Connections, Cronism and Conflicts of Interest of Proskauer Rose LLP - Ex-Judge Judith Kaye, Andrew Cuomo ( whose Father Appointed Judith Kaye) and how this all relates to court corruption in New York...

posted here by Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

More on the Iviewit Stolen Patent at and www.Iviewit.TV

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Judge Judy's friends - the Depth of Conflict of Interest - Proskauer Rose Connections

Proskauer Rose Affiliations - Connections - Patterns - History Galore..

"Former New York Chief Judge Judith Kaye has become the “go to” lawyer these days for dubious outfits that find themselves in hot water.

The shady Working Families Party hired Kaye and her firm, Skadden Arps, to conduct an internal review of its for-profit arm in hopes of forestalling prosecutors’ criminal probes.
And when top brass at the State University system found itself under the gun thanks to the scandal-scarred SUNY-Binghamton basketball program, it, too, turned to Kaye.
SUNY has been taking criticism as the result of Binghamton President Lois DeFleur’s ambitious program to bring big-time basketball to her campus.

DeFleur and Athletic Director Joel Thirer decided their school should move from Division III to the top-level Division I and push hard for a berth in the NCAA tournament.

So they built a $33 million arena and hired a new head coach, Kevin Broadus, to recruit top athletes. Within two years, Binghamton had made the tournament. But then the school’s hoop dreams turned into a nightmare. Broadus’ players had been steered into courses like Bowling I and Theories of Softball; when they couldn’t pass even those, their grades were changed. Before long, three of his players had been expelled and two others kicked off the team for arrests ranging from shoplifting to selling crack.

Broadus was fired, Thirer resigned and DeFleur has announced her retirement.

But it wasn’t SUNY — or even Binghamton — that gave Kaye what turned out to be a million-dollar contract. It was the Research Foundation of the State University of New York — whose money is supposed to support instruction and organized research.

Officials say they had the foundation pay so that taxpayer money wouldn’t be used to fund her report. But it also allowed SUNY to get around a state law requiring that such contracts be let out to bid and approved by both the attorney general and the comptroller.

It also meant, according to published reports, that SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher was able to steer the contract directly to Kaye, her preferred choice to head the probe.

And, wouldn’t you know it, Kaye’s report pretty much spared top SUNY officials from serious criticism.

Fortunately, the school says it will repay half of the cost of the contract — which gives state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli the right to get involved. As he most definitely should. '"

Dig Deep Folks Former Judge Kaye has lots and lots of Skeletons in her closet.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Proskauer Rose accused of Patent Theft, inteferring with License and Service Agreements and More.

Proskauer Rose - Corrupt Patent Attorney Involved in Alleged Illegal activity in Stealing a Trillion Dollar Patent, Covering up License and Service Agreements and lots more...

Click Here for Eliot Bernstein's SEC Complaint


· Proskauer Rose, LLP ; Alan S. Jaffe - Chairman Of The Board - (”Jaffe”); Kenneth Rubenstein - (”Rubenstein”); Robert Kafin - Managing Partner - (”Kafin”); Christopher C. Wheeler - (”Wheeler”); Steven C. Krane - (”Krane”); Stephen R. Kaye - (”S. Kaye”) and in his estate with New York Supreme Court Chief Judge Judith Kaye (“J. Kaye”); Matthew Triggs - (”Triggs”); Christopher Pruzaski - (”Pruzaski”); Mara Lerner Robbins - (”Robbins”); Donald Thompson - (”Thompson”); Gayle Coleman;

Click Here for Full Color SEC Complaint

David George; George A. Pincus; Gregg Reed; Leon Gold - (”Gold”); Albert Gortz - (”Gortz”); Marcy Hahn-Saperstein; Kevin J. Healy - (”Healy”); Stuart Kapp; Ronald F. Storette; Chris Wolf; Jill Zammas; FULL LIST OF 601 liable Proskauer Partners; any other John Doe (”John Doe”) Proskauer partner, affiliate, company, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Proskauer ROSE LLP; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Proskauer related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally;

Click Here for Full SEC complaint

Where is Mary Schapiro in all this?

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Crystal L. Cox

Wednesday, February 10, 2010




United States of America (Press Release) November 23, 2007 -- In an explosive $80M federal lawsuit @ a staff attorney at the New York Supreme Court claims officials whitewashed Iviewit complaints against Proskauer Rose, Steven C. Krane, Esq. (former NYSBA Pres & clerk to Chief Judge Judith Kaye) & other high ranking NY Supreme Court officers.

The inside whistleblower also claims she was physically assaulted & then terminated to keep Iviewit claims of fraud on the US Patent Office and other government agencies buried.

The New York Law Journal
@ and The New York Times @ reported on a federal lawsuit claiming high ranking members on the New York Supreme Court, purposely and with intent to cover-up for other high ranking court officials, caused the whitewashing of complaints against attorneys and senior court officials who committed hosts of state, federal, and international crimes against a multiplicity of governmental agencies, and in fact, threatened and coerced Plaintiff Anderson, including wrongfully terminating her and physical assault, for voicing concern that there was irrefutable evidence of wrongdoings by the attorneys and court officials to cover up the crimes committed against the United States.

In the lawsuit filed on October 27, 2007 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, filed as Christine C. Anderson v. The State of New York, et. al. S.D.N.Y., October 27, 2007 the Plaintiff affirmatively claims support by the Iviewit matters of patent sabotage, FRAUD ON THE UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE, intellectual property theft , and an attempted murder perpetrated by, among others, the once respected Proskauer Rose LLP and its members Kenneth Rubenstein, Steven C. Krane, (former New York State Bar President, former clerk to Chief Judge Judith Kaye), Chief Judge Judith Kaye and her late Proskauer partner husband Stephen Kaye, Christopher C. Wheeler, Foley & Lardner LLP led by its former Chairman and former Republican National Committee, Chief Counsel, Michael C. Grebe and others.

In that lawsuit, the Plaintiff factually alleges that:

Upon information and belief, defendants also state that the timing of the, Plaintiff’s abrupt firing was connected to the newly circulated revelations concerning Cahill's status as an individually named defendant in a lawsuit entitled In the Matter of Complaints Against Attorneys and Counselors-At-Law; Kenneth Rubenstein - Docket 2003.0531; Raymond Joao-Docket 2003.0532; Steven C. Krane- Docket 2004.1883; Thomas J. Cahill- Special Inquiry #2004.1122; and the Law Firm of Proskauer Rose, LLP; filed by Eliot I. Bernstein, Pro Se and P. Stephen Lamont Both Individually and On Behalf of Shareholders of: Iviewit et. al., Petitioners. [Iviewit’s]…petition was filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division: First Department.

The Iviewit Petition @ for immediate investigation was later granted by the First Department Justices in a unanimous decision to begin immediate investigation for the Appearance of Impropriety and Conflict of Interest in Unpublished Orders:

• M3198 - Steven C. Krane & Proskauer Rose @

• M2820 Kenneth Rubenstein & Proskauer Rose
• M3212 Raymond A. Joao and Meltzer Lippe Goldstein & Schlissel and,
• Thomas J. Cahill – Special Inquiry #2004.1122 - Cahill was transferred for Special Inquiry and Investigation to Martin Gold per First Dept rules.

Original First Dept Complaints:
Kenneth Rubenstein – Docket 2003.0531 First Department,
• Raymond Joao – Docket 2003.0532 First Department,
• Steven C. Krane – Docket 2004.1883 First Department,
• the Law Firm of Proskauer Rose, LLP and,
• the Law Firm of Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolfe and Schlissel

Additionally, and similar to the NYLJ and the NYT, as reported in an article aptly titled "Justice Department Widens 'Patentgate' Probe Buried by Ethics Chief Thomas J. Cahill" @ the Iviewit inquiries have reached the highest levels of New York & Washington political circles and into many judicial chambers as well.

The original inquiries revealed that New York ethics Chief Counsel Thomas J. Cahill of the First Department Disciplinary Committee whitewashed investigations, which recently led to his abrupt departure.

In a letter dated July 16, 2007, H. Marshall Jarret’s office, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Professional Responsibility, announced from its Washington, D.C. headquarters that it was expanding its investigation into a bizarrely stalled FBI and US Attorney investigation, initiated in 2001, that involves the theft from Iviewit of nearly 30 patents, trademarks and other intellectual properties, with an estimated value of a trillion dollars.

The OPR investigation was sparked by a request from the DOJ – OIG, Inspector General Glenn Fine’s Office whom is also conducting an ongoing investigation. The patent pending applications and other IP have been suspended by the Commissioner of Patents pending the outcome of ongoing state, federal and international investigations.

The probe reaches some of New York's most prominent politicians and judges, and has already proven to be a stunning embarrassment to the State's ethics watchdog committees.

As a backdrop to the technologies in question, Mr. Bernstein's inventions, the Iviewit video scaling and image overlay systems, are the backbone, enabling technologies for the transmission of video and images across almost all transmission networks and viewable on all display devices, an elegant upstream solution (towards the content creator) of reconfiguring video frames to unlock bandwidth, processing, and storage constraints -- the "Holy Grail" inventions of the digital imaging and video worlds that enable low bandwidth video on the Internet and mobile phones.

As previously reported, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House Judiciary Committees (Representative John Dingell, Chair of the Energy & Commerce Committee forwarded the Iviewit matters to John Conyers, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee for investigation) have known about the Iviewit investigation since about September of 2006. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office is also championing the Iviewit cause.

The story is globally known in technical and intellectual property circles, with ongoing investigations at international patent offices such as the European Patent Office as well.

Full information available @ , including full pertinent documentation and images of the car bombing attempt on inventor Bernstein’s life.

Eliot I. Bernstein & P. Stephen Lamont
Iviewit Technologies, Inc.
Iviewit Holdings, Inc.

About Iviewit Technologies, Inc. and Iviewit Holdings, Inc.,
Iviewit’s innovative patent pending imaging and video technologies deliver to millions of people around the world digital video and images every day.

Founded in 1998 by Eliot I. Bernstein, Jude Rosario and Zakirul Shirajeee, Iviewit’s core backbone technologies deliver video and images to top web properties in all major global markets enhancing the overall web experience for users. For more information, visit .

Currently the Iviewit patent pending applications have been suspended by the USPTO pending investigations by state, federal and international authorities concerning the theft of the IP by patent attorneys charged with filing them.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

American Jury Project, Connected to Judith Kaye - Connected to Proskauer Rose?

American Jury Initiative

We invite you to join in our effort to create better justice through better juries.

ABA President Robert Grey Jr. has launched the American Jury Initiative to strengthen the jury as a democratic institution and enhance Americans’ understanding of its role in our system of law and government.

Learn more about the ABA’s new principles on jury service, test your knowledge of the American jury, and get the materials and resources you need to lead educational programs on the jury in your community.

President Grey has formed two groups to accomplish the work of the American Jury Initiative.

The first group is the 23-member
American Jury Project. Chaired by Phoenix lawyer Patricia Refo, the American Jury Project has produced a single set of modern jury principles that the ABA can propose as a model for courts around the country. The revised principles were approved by the ABA House of Delegates during the ABA Midyear Meeting in February 2005.

The second group is the 21-member
Commission on the American Jury. The Commission's honorary chair is U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. The Commission's co-chairs are New York Chief Judge Judith Kaye, Chicago lawyer Manuel Sanchez, and Oscar Criner, foreman of the Arthur Andersen jury in 2002. The Commission is charged with outreach to the public, the legal profession, and the courts"

Is There a Proskauer Rose Connection

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